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Arlington After School Program (AASP) at Ottoson


Arlington After School Program (AASP) FULL TIME AFTERSCHOOL

Monthly Fee Full Day (2:30-6:00pm): 1x Week $90, 2x Week $180, 3x Week $270, 4x Week $360, 5x Week $450

Monthly Fee Half Day (2:30-4:30pm): 1x Week $50, 2x Week $100, 3x Week $150, 4x Week $200, 5x Week $250

The Arlington After School Program at Ottoson is an age appropriate after-school program for middle school students looking to stay busy and engaged from the end of school until 4:30pm or 6pm. AASP is held onsite at Ottoson and is an active part of the Ottoson community. We work hard to offers our students the support and structure needed to become successful middle schoolers. AASP prides itself on having a strong focus on homework support in addition to offering a wide-variety of engaging and enriching activities (for example archery, rock climbing, book making, sewing, cooking, logic and board games, painting, creative writing, ping pong and dodge ball).

Sample Schedule:

2:26-2:45 Sign-In, Snack and Notes

2:45-3:30 Unwind Time (choose from a physical activity option, art option, board game option, or work on homework or chill)

3:30-4:30 Homework Focus Time (quiet homework and reading time with tutors/teachers available to assist students)

4:30-4:45 2nd Snack for Full Day Students

4:45-6:00 Switch It Up (work in the Media Center, play in our game room, get moving in the gym, or chill in our classroom)

AASP is owned and operated by the Arlington Public Schools, it utilizes the school infrastructure (media center, gyms, etc) and operates in collaboration with the school administration. The program operates Monday through Friday from the end of the school day to 6:00 pm for a full day or until 4:30 pm for half day students. If you are interested in signing up for AASP at Ottoson, please fill out the registration packet below with the $50 registration fee. Please return them to the Ottoson Main Office.

For more information contact Haley Kulow, Ottoson Coordinator at [email protected] or Todd Morse, AASP Director at [email protected]

NOTE: For information about the afterschool program at Gibbs check the Arlington After School Program website